“Changing billing provider is not an easy decision. When my group made the change to Billing Gurus that was the best decision we made. The staff at Billing Gurus is highly professional, courteous, prompt and very efficient. Since billing is done using virtual terminal in my own office, we have complete knowledge and control over the billing process. Billing Gurus has dramatically increased our revenues and has possibly the lowest collection based service fees.”

Tony Mathew, MD, FCCP,

Pulmonary Consultants of SW FL

“We have been using the services of Billing Gurus in our Medical and Pediatric practice since June of 2008. I found the whole group to be very knowledgeable about the billing and collection process and have an outstanding grasp of the medical insurance industry. In my practice, our collections have substantially increased ever since Billing Gurus have been involved. They are proficient, professional and productive. I would recommend them to any practice without hesitation.”

Dr. Ramiah Krishnan, MD,

FACP, MRCP, Internal medicine

“I have assigned my accounts receivable management to Billing Gurus. They have very good technical and programming capabilities to tailor individual billing requirements and issues. They keep their clients well posted and informed on complex billing problems. I would certainly recommend them to evaluate your billing needs.”

Dr. Van G Rana, MD,

Associates in Cancer Care