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BillingGurus are the practice management and medical billing experts. Since 2004 we have successfully been providing tailor made medical billing and healthcare IT solutions to physicians and healthcare groups across the country.

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Our services focus on maximizing your reimbursements and giving you more time to deliver the highest level of patient care. We provide our services nationwide and are experienced with all major specialties.

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With Billing Gurus you can expect to increase your revenue while reducing your medical billing expenses. Contact us to discuss a tailored solution for your practice.

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Billing Gurus combines the key components needed for effective quality management, people, processes, technology and infrastructure. More>>


In order to conduct ICD-10 testing you must already ensure that your internal systems are already capable of accepting, storing, and transmitting ICD-10 codes. More>>


“Changing billing provider is not an easy decision. When my group made the change to Billing Gurus that was the best decision we made.” More>>

Use Our Medical Billing Services to Get Your Payments On Track Today


Welcome to Billinggurus

Billing Gurus was established in 2004 and is one of the fastest growing medical billing companies in USA. We recognize that the Healthcare industry is experiencing significant constraints on its bottom line, technological solutions that create efficiency, improve business intelligence, and maximize the utility of existing investments are necessary for survival. Billing Gurus Medical Billing services address the needs of the Healthcare industry.

By partnering with Billing Gurus you remove the challenges brought on by managing all the technology requirements in-house. Your practice will no longer need to worry about servers, storage and system upgrades. Our clients do not need to invest in expensive technology because Billing Gurus will provide a HIPAA-compliant system for your vital data.
Billing Gurus has over 10 year's experience providing medical billing solutions to healthcare providers. Our proprietary claims process which includes 100% review of all claims has resulted in a proven track record of improving collections for clients and increasing recovery up to 10-25%. Our client’s experience a multi-tiered quality control process. Each account has an assigned team of professionals as well as dedicated Team leader that keep close communication with client. Ospro has a 24-hour policy on addressing all request and inquiries.
Medical Coding
Billing Gurus coding services are available as part of our customized medical billing solutions or as a stand-alone service. Our process will seamlessly integrate with your existing operations to ensure the highest level of data integrity.

Our coding service will:

  • Optimize your revenue while reducing your compliance risks.
  •  Increase your revenues and shorten your collections times.
  •  Greatly reduce your administrative overhead costs.
  • Our expert certified coders are specifically assigned to your specialty and dedicated to your account.
Billing Gurus offers customized medical billing and coding services that are specialty-specific because every practice has their own unique challenges that require specialized training, knowledge and experience.

Here are some of our offered specialties:

  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • Geriatric
  • More...
At Billing Gurus we address the specific needs of each individual practice and tailor a custom fit solution that addresses all the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

Some of the benefits our clients receive from partnering with us are:

  • Lowered overhead costs
  • Reduced denials & rejected claims
  • Shorter reimbursement periods
  • Increased practice profitability
  • More...